Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 258) Nail art gold holo glitter transfer foil dots

Today has been a very exhausting day.
Not only am I very tired, I also have a bad headache.
Nothing special today; just a nice beginner nail art.
First a swatch of a nail polish from the new limited edition of Pupa Milano:

Pupa Milano Iridescent nail polish 002 (blue)
This nail polish has a small brush. Positive is that this gives you the chance to polish perfect. Negative is that you'll need more strokes to cover the nail.
This polish has a perfect coverage with only 1 coat!!! And it dries very quickly.
The color can be compared to a duo chrome polish. Main color is blue accompanied by purple.
Both colors have a little glitter/glint.
Shown in normal position and without any special light the nail is blue with purple accents at the cuticles.
I'm in love with this color!!
And the picture doesn't do it justice at all (but as it's fall so the picture is taken indoors and with artificial light.
Now, for the nail art...something simple!
I bought some golden holo gitter transfer foil a while ago and I've really been wanting to try it out:
Golden holo glitter transfer foil + transfer foil glue
I used a dottingtool to make glue dots on the Nail:

The glue is milky at first and ready for use as it turns clear.
Then you can apply a little piece of transfer foil on the nail (printed side up!!) and gently rub it.
The transfer foil is transferred to the nail on the spots where you've painted the glue.


  1. Hehe, no matter at all! Still a beautiful gorgeous blue polish and special feature of foil art! Loving the foil dots! They are so shinyyyyyy *__* The ring finger makes me imagine of blue beetles with unique gold dots. Hahaha! So pretty! :D

    1. Hahaha. So nice that your comment spices up my nail art! You should write my can turn a simple dot mani into a beautiful beetle nail art THANKS!