Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 264) Nail art rain

Fall and rain...In the Netherlands they are united.
I don't have a driving license so I am bound to walk or take my bike and therefore I hate rain...flat hair, smokey eyes (and not on purpose), wet and cold clothes, wet socks...brrrr.

Today's nail art is about rain but in a sweet way :D
I've painted umbrella's upside down on the tips and on the ring I did an accent nail with little duckies swimming in the umbrella.
The rain I've made by making dots and then drag the polish from the dot with a toothpick.


  1. You're really nailing this falll ideas with so many adorable nail arts! I lovee and adore this nail art you did! I am in love with the duckies swimming in the little pool of rain! :D Love the bright colours you used. Totally conveys the fun elements! And the upside down umbrella? I'm singing in the rain! (quoting the movie) ;D

    1. Ahhh. I love your comments. So sweet and great words!