Friday, May 30, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art Jior Couture Sagittarius - The Archer

+Jior Couture  is an Indie brand located in the US.
Besides the beautiful collections they're bringing they also provide the service of making your own custom nail lacquer with desired color, bottle size, finish and name!
Pretty soon they are coming out with their new summer collection (which I might bring to you as Jior reviewer :D)
So, I'm just in time to show you this nail lacquer from the latest collection "Star Signs (Zodiac) Collection".
Now, I've purchased the Jior Top Coat Treatment Set as well but I won't be reviewing them today.
Today's feature is all about the gorgeous Sagittarius - The Archer nail lacquer:
No surprise...I'm a Sagittarius.
This is a beautiful glitter thermal that shifts from blue (warm) to purple (cold) and these colors also happen to be my favorites...Lucky me!
This lacquer retails for $8.50
First things first.
Look how I received my package:
My products were packed as little gifts with their custom wrappings...
isn't that a great way to receive your purchases!
And as a little gift I also received the "Sooth & Protect Me Cuticle Balm".
Here is my haul:
- Jior Couture Holo At Me "Holographic Top Coat"
- Jior Couture Matte Me "Matte Finish Top Coat"
- Jior Couture Sagittarius - The Archer
- Jior Couture Cover Me "Fast Dry & Seal Top Coat"
- Jior Couture Sooth & Protect Me Cuticle Balm


Pictures above show 3 coats and natural lighting.
Macro Shots:

 Natural ligting                                                 Artificial lighting


Sagittarius-The Archer is a thermal holo jelly that changes from purple when cold to blue when warm.
It reaches opacity within 2-3 coats and a basecoat and topcoat won't effect the thermal effect.
Application is very smooth and drying time is good.
We didn't have sun the day I took this pictures and I had some trouble catching the gorgeous holo sparkles (simular to Fairy Dust) but believe me when I say that it is gorgeous!
Definitely a nail lacquer I can recommend...stash wise sure within my top #5.
And jelly's are just great to play around with for nail art :D

Nail arts

The first nail art I want to show you is a swirl design.
The swirl design is a free hand design using a detail brush and 2 lacquers:
- A-England Tristam (which is simular to the 'cold' purple)
- Classics 140 (which is simular to the 'warm' blue)
I've painted the A-England swirl on the upper half and the Classics swirl on the tip side:
Now it was hard to get the nails totally warm or totally cold but the idea was when reaching one total color that you only see one of the two swirls and it worked!
The second nail art that I want to show you is of course a sandwich (stampwich) because the jelly is perfect for it.
I've used a mini plate and mini stamper from a Konad promotion kit and Essence 001 Stamp Me! white stamping polish.
One coat of Sagittarius - stamped butterflies - two coats of Sagittarius
For the third and last nail art I tried to stamp with Sagittarius.
I recently bought a new Essence stamping plate that I wanted to use.
I don't own many stamping plates but I have tried to work with Essence plates before and I wasn't satisfied with the feels the designs aren't deep enough which causes them to take less polish out of the design leaving the design being too vague or not transferring totally.
It's been a while since then so I had to give it another try with a new plate.
Material used:
- Only You White French (base color)
- Essence stamping plate (flower deisgn)
- Sagittarius as stamping polish
- Konad stamper
Honestly..."Essence, this is still not better!
Please make the designs a bit deeper because it will make such a huge difference!"
Now, it could still be that Sagittarius just doesn't work to stamp with.
I tried the butterfly design from the Konad plate again. Using Sagittarius as stamping polish and the same Konad stamper.
It looks much better right?!
This is it. Thanks for reading!
If you like to find out more about +Jior Couture  you can find them at the following links:


  1. thank for this presentation.! it deserve ! i like this nail polish ! but i do like the most your amazing pictures, and many nice combo that you showed ! ♥

    1. Thank you so much dear!
      I'm so happy with this shows right! Hahaha

  2. I've typed, deleted and typed again so many times. I can't even put into words how gorgeous you've made this look! I love all the designs. I didn't even think of using the Zodiac lacquers for stamping!! Beautiful job!

    1. Thank you so much!
      There is nog bigger compliment than saying it's hard to put into words :D
      I don't know for the others but Sagittarius worked well for stamping and I love the effect.
      I wanted to do a full Nail design as well...but I don't own any stamping plates with designs that are big enough for my nails hahaha
      But I'm sure that would be lovely too!

  3. O-M-G *_________*
    This polish is amazing! Love the colour shifting so much, it's a colour combo I do really appreciate.
    Too bad this one's not a good stamper, thermal stamping creates gorgeous effects!

    1. The polish is gorgeous and works more than fine for stamping. It's the Essence plate that's not good.
      To be true...I never had a good stamping plate from Essence...the designs are just not deep enough.
      Now, I want to file my stamper, I want to change polishes but I'm not going to make designs in a plate deeper hahaha

    2. I don't have that exact plate, I've got an animal print one and it works quite fine. My biggest problem was the Konad stamper itself, too solid. I've tried using a XL one with silicone and not rubber and it changed my stamping life completely.
      have you ever tried a MoYou London plate? <3

    3. No...the past few days I've been looking for those Xl squishy stampers and MoYou plates but it has to be shipped to me and wouldn't be on time for this post.
      I love handpainting and I always ask myself it is worth the shipping costs because I'm probably not going to use it much hahaha.
      My Konad stamper is the size of a marble but pretty squishy though...and that's all I have...but it works fine with evry polish and almost every plate

  4. All nail polishes are amazing but your creativity is just gorgeous! I really love your ideas and designs!