Saturday, May 10, 2014

Holo animal print nails

Thanks to +Kathleen Coultes I discovered I had never really done a holo gradient.
Which is weird because I love holo's and gradients.
I grabbed as many holo polishes as I could and decided it was a perfect opportunity to use some untried as well.
I've started by applying the lightest colors on the nails:
Polishes used (from left to right):
- Catrice Limited Edition Haute Future C03 iROSEdescent
- Catrice Limited Edition HOLOMANIA C04 Plum Me Up Scotty
- Catrice Limited Edition Haute Future C01 Eletrix Blue
- KOH Colours! 127 Metallic Green!
Looking at the above image I think it's fair to say that KOH by far has the strongest holo.
Application is much harder though and it also requires more coats.
After I made these nails I got the tip to only sponge one color onto the background colors but in this case I've sponged both colors onto the background.
I'm not sure if it will make a huge difference colorwise but it sure is easier application wise.
It was a rainy day and I had to take the pictures inside.
The above image was actually the best I could get :(
But gosh these were so pretty in the sun.
Polishes used at the tip side (from top to bottom):
- Layla Hologram Effect 03 Retro Pink
- Color Club 999 Eternal Beauty
- Layla Hologram Effect 07 Ocean Rush
- Catrice Limited Edition HOLOMANIA C03 Holo In One
For the nail art I decided to go with animal prints
I've used a detail brush and black acrylic paint to make the designs.


  1. wow it all, every single holo polish !!! ! striking nail art ! gorgeous !
    have a nice weekend darling !

  2. I like these a lot-this looks like a gradient I would have patience to do.

    1. Thanks! These gradients are worth the effort + holo's do clean up pretty easy :D

  3. So glad your's worked out! We'll both have to try the sponging one colour only in the future. :-)

    1. Some were weakened though because Eternal Beauty and the Layla's are usually much stronger.
      Yeah...let us try sponging 1 color :D

  4. wonderful design! This holo is just perfect for it :)

  5. Amazing nails! *___*
    I'm drooling over holo gradients <3 and the stamping fits perfectly!

    1. Thank you! But it is not stamping.
      I'm a free hand artist but thanks for the compliment though :D

    2. OMG it's so perfect and neat it seems stamping *__*
      I'm sorry Margriet, didn't mean to lessen your ability at all!

    3. It didn't come across to me like that :D
      For me stamping is as difficult as others seem to find free hand.
      My free hands are pretty clean but my stamping...OMG still need a lot of practise there ;-D