Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NYC City Samba Summer Color Collection swatches+nimbus nail art

Let's start with some chit chat shall we :D
In my preparation for writing this blogpost I came across some obstacles.
I bought 4 out of 6 colors from the brand NYC which I believed was a new collection and/or limited edition. At least this was how it was presented in stores.
Yesterday I was ready to write this post and I wanted to know to which collection/edition these polishes belonged as I couldn't remember from the store.
I had a nice Google lesson as the keyword "NYC" of course only brought New York City hits.
Changing it to "New York Color" helped a lot but still nothing about this collection.
I've searched for collection 2014, spring collection 2014, summer collection 2014, limited edition 2014 etc.
No hits with my polishes!
Okay...last change...searching the exact polishes by polish name.
GOSH that didn't help...oh well, maybe they are just too new?!
Eventually I ended up at the New York Color website and my polishes were presented there as a part of the regular collection (at least for this time a year).
Was I going crazy???
Out of frustration I went to the store today and made a picture of the presentation.
Here is NYC City Samba Summer Color Collection:
Like I said I got 4 out of 6 polishes:
- NYC In a minute 345  Peach Popsicles
- NYC In a minute 355 Lavender Blossom
- NYC Expert Last Nail Polish 267 Picnic on the lawn
- NYC Expert last Nail Polis 269 Hudson Breeze


NYC 345 Peach Popsicles:
NYC 355 Lavender Blossom:
NYC 267 Picnic on the lawn:
NYC 269 Hudson Breeze:


I love the mix of bold and more pastel colors in this collection.
Perfect for the transition from Spring to Summer.
The polishes retail for €2,49 ($3,41) In a minute nail polish and €2,99 ($4.09) Expert Last nail polish. This is in Holland perhaps your country has other prices.
Price wise NYC isn't an expensive brand and in my opinion you get a lot of quality for a low price.
Application is easy and colors are high pigmented.
I used two coats for all the polishes but the Expert Last nail polish were almost 1 coaters.
Now, it was close to 30 degrees Celsius when I was swatching these which isn't the best temperature for nail polish.
The Expert Last nail polishes applied very smooth. The In a minute polishes could use a topcoat to smoothen things out...but maybe this was due to the weather.
Nevertheless great polishes, great colors and especially Hudson Breeze because I didn't have something simular yet :D

Nail art

I decided to use the 4 colors for a nimbus nail art.
A tutorial can be found at The Nailasaurus


  1. every single color is very nice ! ops gorgeous ! i would choose first the blue and then green lilac and peach
    blue is so glossy and flashy and i like it !

  2. This is cool! I can do this and you know how I love the abstract.

    1. It's not hard to do. Some polishes however work better than others when adding acetone but perhaps water works as well.

  3. All of them are so pretty. I love your nimbus- is just perfect!

  4. The display in the US is totally different. I like the blue you guys got. Our colors are nice too.

    I want to try out that manicure. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I believe that could be the case indeed...I wasn't even sure if it was an offical display.
      To me it looked it were random colors that already are in the regular collection just to push the sales of those colors.