Friday, May 23, 2014

World Turtle Day

Are you familiar with Nailpolis: Museum of Nail Art?
It's a place where all nail fanatics post their swatches and nail arts.
Besides this museum part they also host challenges and contests with prizes (internationally)!
This time the challenge was an event: World Turtle Day which is today May 23rd.
This is my entry:
I started with applying Sally Hansen Marine Scene.
Then I took acrylic white paint to make the waterlines and added another coat of Marine Scene to make them less visible and therefore more natural looking.
With a detail brush and acrylic paints I painted the turtle.
Here is a swatch of Sally Hansen 280 Marine Scene:


  1. gorgeous design! Happy Turtle Day for all of them!

  2. Amazing! It actually seems like makes me wanna plunge <3

  3. I also have "marine scene" and I love it, it's very beautiful :)
    And the turtle is awesome, it's so detailed that it looks like a printed decail! Amazing!