Friday, May 16, 2014

YES L♥VE nail polish (review, swatches and nail arts)

Recently I received three Yes Love polishes in exchange for an honest review.
Yes Love can be considered as a low-budget brand.
Besides nail polish they also have a nail art and make-up line.
It surprised me that this (for me unknown) brand has such a wide range of collections when it comes to nail polish. From regular colors to a nice amount of special effect nail polishes.
Luckily I received three polishes from three different collections:
G13-6 from the Foam collection
G2-3 from the Glow in the dark with coke/soda collection
G1-3 from the Neon speckled/glitter collection

Swatches and review


First up is G13-6 from the Foam collection.
The name Foam had me to believe that we were dealing with something new here.
Unfortunately this wasn't the case.
G13-6 is a clear base filled with white and light blue hexagons.
The amount of glitters in this polish isn't enough for making it opaque...leading it to be a topcoat.
It can be layered over another color or you can just wear it on its own.
I tried layering it over some different colors but decided that darker or without is the most beautiful as the hexes are best shown.
Here is G13-6 (1 coat) layered over China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather:
- The polish is a bit smelly
- It requires glitter fishing and placement
- Perfect for a fast, simple and fun look
- The clear base has a very high shine finish


Next up is G2-3 from the Glow in te dark collection.
I've swatched some glow in the dark polishes before and a few of the cons were: needing a (special) lamp to load or the thickness of the polish. The last con makes it almost impossible to have beautiful nails by daylight as well.
Now, with this in mind you can tell I wasn't expecting much from this polish.
G2-3 is a clear base (which looks a bit cloudy in the bottle) filled with white round micro glitters and peachy round glitters.
At least it already has the ingredients for a nice daylight mani.
G2-3 can be worn on its own or layered over another color.
Here is G2-3 (2 coats) layered over Catrice Limited Edition Creme Fresh C03 Evergreen 60s:
Cuteness by daylight!
But what about the glow in the dark part?
I was expecting one or both glitters to light up and needing a lamp...
This wasn't the case:
- A bit smelly
- Easy to apply
- A very nice look by daylight as well
- Doesn't need a (special) lamp to load


Last but not least is G1-3 from the Neon speckled collection.
Although the polish has a sweet green color in the bottle I found it more leaning to green pastel than neon.
Therefore I was pleasantly surprised that it did indeed look like neon on the nails.
G1-3 is a neon green crelly base filled with neon glitters in different sizes and shapes.
There are neon blue, green, pink and orange small hexes as well as bigger neon pink, purple and green hexes.
Here is G1-3 (3 coats):
- A bit smelly
- Hard to remove
- Coolest neon I've seen so far
- Easy to apply
- Doesn't require fishing


I'm very pleased with these 3 polishes.
Besides the smell there isn't really a bad thing I can say about these.
Quality is good. Application quite easy.
Great colors and effect.
And best of all they are cheap!

Nail arts

Yes. Of course I made some nail arts as well :D
Yes Love G13-6 layered over Rimmel Cocktail Colour 130 Apple Berry Smoothie.
Free hand Diddl nail art using acrylic paint.
Yes Love G2-3 layered over Catrice Limited Edition Creme Fresh C03 Evergreen 60s
Then used a detail brush and China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather to make the designs on the nails.
On the accent a water marble nail art using the following polishes:
- Models Own Luis Lemon
- Models Own Bubblegum
- Models Own Toxic Apple (can you tell that the greens are very much a like color wise)
- Boulevard 7ml neon orange
A great big thank you for you reading this heavy text and picture post.
And to Esther who mailed me these polishes ♥
These polishes can be found in the Yes Love Shop
And on Facebook


  1. wow ! nice presentation ! gorgeous nail polishes ! i do like the most of course green one , that glow in the dark ! also it is fabulous in the day light ! !
    have a nice day dear !

    1. The green is so pretty! It's defenitely my favorite.
      I got a lot of response wearing it :D
      And yes...also the best glow in the dark polish I've seen so far.
      Thanks dear! Have a nice evening and weekend! ♥

  2. I've not heard about that brand but I'm already in love! They're all amazing but the green one's just fabulous:)

    1. I believe I came across this brand once before when visiting Portugal.
      I think every country should have this brand hehehe

  3. I've got a light blue one from the speckled neon collection but it's still to try =.=
    May I tell you my favourite NA here is the Diddle one? The design you realized looks like a water decal, simply perfect! And the glitters do create a great soap bubble effect...well, love it love it love it!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm very happy with the Diddl nail art as well.
      Looking forward to see your blue version :D

  4. Ah, we all need our budget polishes! Then we can have impulse buys and not feel guilty. The three big budget brands ($2.00) here in the US are Wet 'N Wild, Sinful Colors and Pure Ice. I have my fair share of them. This is a beautiful lay out and presentation. I enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks!!!
      Glad you liked it :D
      With Catrice and Essence this will be e great third low budget brand for me more polish :D

  5. this green one is awesome! great post my dear!