Thursday, May 1, 2014

Northern lights nail art with OPI Sheer Tints

The next rainbowy nail art with the OPI Sheer Tints is inspired by Northern lights.
I have never had the possibility to witness it in real life but as from pictures, paintings and art I have to believe it's beautiful.
I found it very hard to translate this beauty into a nail art but I tried my best.
After the basecoat I applied two coats of Maybelline 650 Midnight Blue:
Then I gave two nails Picture Polish Gravity and two nails Picture Polish Aurora.
Picture Polish Gravity over Maybelline Midnight Blue:
This picture doesn't do the polish any justice. The silver sparkles that you see are actually holographic but it wasn't sunny here :(
Picture Polish Aurora over Maybelline Midnight Blue:
I then took a detail brush and white acrylic paint to set out the Northern lights on the nails:
After some drying time I randomly placed the OPI Sheer Tints:
If I had to do this nail art again I would have made it more subtle taking less space of the nails but I'm pretty happy with this first go :D


  1. This is so fantastic I love it ! It's perfect x

  2. fabulous blue ! have some similar color and love it !
    final touch with sheer tins is amazing!♥
    i like this manicure !

  3. There are so many wonderful things going on with this manicure. Placing the tints over the white is such a great idea. And Picture Polish has such cool colors. I have three but have not done anything on the blog with them.

    1. Thank you Teresa. I still have to find a good way of using my Picture Polishes. They are so beautiful!
      And well, the OPI Sheer Tints are wonderful you can tell ;-)

  4. That's exactly Northern lights I'm seeing here. Gorgeously done *__*
    You make everything seem so easy to do :D