Saturday, May 3, 2014

Matte mix and match nails (blue, silver & white)

What I love about art in general is that you can get your inspiration everywhere.
Therfore my computer is like a huge Pinterest board.
Everytime I see an image that I like I save it somewhere on my computer and once in a while when I'm out of inspiration...I go through them and find something that I want to translate to my nail art.
I don't consider this stealing or copying but I do think it's decent to mention the source...
and that's where I fail.
I save the images as fast as I can using numbers or a letter and when I finally come to use them I don't even remember where I got it from.
So...I can only show you the images but sadly without a source.
Now, if you happen to be the owner of one of these images.
Consider my publication as a compliment.
You can always ask me to remove the image are mention your source/URL and I be happy to publish it :D
Here are today's inspirations:
I'm really in love with the jewelry above.
I love the ring and the bracelets and I love the combination of dark blue & silver (& white).
Here is my nail art:
Polishes used:
- Only You White French
- Maybelline 650 Midnight Blue
- Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish 01 Metal Chrome
- China Glaze Matte Magic


  1. oh what a nice inspiration ! you connect it all at one place ,on your nails !
    wonderful !

  2. Aww! I definitely love this skittlette *___* Matte effect is a cherry on top of this amazing work!

  3. I simply love it! Especially the nail of bracelets!