Saturday, May 17, 2014

Holo watercolor nails

For more than 30 years Herôme has been the leader in hand- and nail care.
In the Netherlands that is.
The quality of their products is very good and they are medium priced.
Herôme: "Our approach is solid research and live up to what our products promise."
They also have a wide range of gorgeous nail polish colors.
And as I'm writing this I'm asking myself why I don't have more by this brand???
When I was shop hopping through local stores I found a store selling some Herôme mini nail lacquers (4ml).
The lightening in that store was horrible: I had trouble seeing which color I was holding.
There were some mini bottles which looked like plain silver lacquers but when holding one really close it looked like it had some shattered holo in it. should know by now that I'm crazy for holo's so I grabbed two (just in case it turned out to be holo), one for me and one for my "growing give away".
And today I'm going to show you this mini lacquer by Herôme.
Good things come from Holland :D

Swatches Herôme mini nail lacquer (4ml) #314

OMG and this is going to be in my give away as well!
I'm in love again :D
Now, I wasn't really feeling it to make a nail art today.
We finally have some Summer weather again and I just wanted to enjoy it with my hubby and kids.
I chose for something really simple and done before (but not with holo).
I got this idea from Glitter.Gloss.Garbage
I used the OPI Sheer Tints to make the watercolor effect.
Using the regular polish brushes and randomly placing the colors on the nails.
The picture doesn't even do it justice!
I want to have this nail art on forever :D


  1. ❤ amazing lacquer❤
    love this sheer tint! and i must admit it it so nice ! i mean astonishing good !

    1. I try to grab that holo for you too :D

    2. ooo , it would be nice ! i still dont have any holo, so i love to see on your nails !

      ˜”*°.˜”*°•$(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)