Monday, June 2, 2014

Nail art "Kiss Gold Hot Stamped Water Decals"

My dear friend +bubica vucko loves to surprise me with lovely nail mails.
She is a great and loving person and if you don't already follow her...make sure you do!
This time she surprised me with water decals by Kiss.
She bought these like ages ago and never came to use them.
She has a simular set and I believe she also mailed some to +fife fantasi Nails 
Looking forward to seeing their nails ;-D
Now, let's have a look at the water decals shall we?
I love the designs!
The roses, champagne and hearts will be saved for a pretty wedding nail art.
I decided to go for a masquerade nail art.
+bubica vucko already told me not to cut my nails short for a while and I didn't know what she meant but now I do :D
The designs are quite wide and long.
Still too big for my nails!
However this wasn't really a problem as I just cut them a bit smaller where I could.
I did look at the instructions on the back but decided to follow my usual method for applying water decals.
My method:
After the basecoat I applied a white polish and added a top coat to speed up drying time.
Meanwhile I cut the water decals to the right size and placed them in a bowl of water.
The instructions on the back say wait 30 seconds till the water penetrates the back of the design and then slide the design off.
It didn't work after 30 seconds.
I ruined the first water decal by trying to get it slide off :(
Luckily I had to help one of the children which took about 5 minutes and guess what?
Now I could easily slide the design off.
The placement:
I use my whole fingertop to cover most of the water decal and place it where I want it to be.
You have to be gentle because water decals can easily rip.
I never place them on a wet base because then you don't get the chance to move them around; placing is in that case sticking and it won't go anywhere anymore.
The glossy topcoat over the white makes the water decals still movable.
If they are at the right spot they can still be moved so don't touch them for a while (give it a few minutes).
I did have some trouble flatten these babies out because my nails are quite curved and the water decals are flat.
It's not perfect but I was satisfied.
Some water decals really don't act well when the get covered with a topcoat.
These decals have foil like colors so I was scared to put a topcoat on.
I took before pictures just in case.
The topcoat (and make sure your barely touch the nail with the brush) did ruin the water decals for a little bit.
Still I don't really mind these little imperfections and chose to post the picture with topcoat
This mani lasted very long and I've got a lot of compliments on the designs :D
Thank you dear +bubica vucko 
Love you!
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  1. now i will post mine creation of the same decals !
    i am glad you like it !

    1. I love it!
      And your mani looks amazing too!
      Funny that with the same decals it looks completely different :D
      Love you and thanks again XXX

  2. Wonderful! I've got the same- thank you Bubica!

  3. These patterns are really amazing and your outcome is too! So shiny <3
    I usually have to wait longer than 30s too when using decals. I thought it was me but I see now it's not our fault :D

    1. Hahaha, thanks for the comment!
      I don't use water decals a lot and I'm not sure if I had to wait longer with the ones I used before but it isn't really problem right?