Sunday, May 25, 2014

Golden holo nails with 3D nail art

Today I have another Herôme polish that I want to show you.
Another holographic one to be more precise.
It's part of the W.I.C. (World Inspired Colors) line.
W.I.C. by Herôme is inspired by the richness of different cultures and every nail polish is named after a world city.
The polishes are oxygen permeable and enriched with Silica and Vitamin E for optimal care and brilliant shine.
Let's start with some swatches of W.I.C. by Herôme 73 Kingston:
Picture above is taken in the shade to show you the color without direct lighting.
It's quite dull but still a very pretty champagne like color that will match many outfits.
But will there be holo in direct lighting?
The following pictures are taken in the sun:
The polish is very rich pigmented and takes only 2 thin coats to be opaque.
Application was very easy and no dragging.
The color shifts in different lighting from beige/brown, champagne to gold.
The holo effect is scattered with a subtle prism.
The prism is more strong in real life though but not as strong as some other holo polishes.
Here is a macro shot of the polish:
I'm in love with this polish.
I'm more a fan of the holo's with strong prisms but this one would be a perfect nude holo.
Gorgeous for events when you need something subtle but still want to stand out with your nails.
For the nail art I chose for something bold.
As a contrast to the subtle and classic polish.
Something with more texture and 3D effect.
I've used the following polishes for this nail art:
- W.I.C. by Herôme 73 Kingston
- Maybelline 820 Winner takes it all!
- Classics Metallic 03
- Essence Metal Glam 01 Steel-ing the scene
I wanted to create some kind of circular gradient.
I started with the darkest color: Steel-ing the scene and used  a bigger dottingtool to place the polish at the outer side of the nail.
I dabbed as many times with the dottingtool and polish till I was satisfied with the texture.
I then worked my way in with the same techique and the lighter colors.
I'm not sure if my explanation is clear but if many of you want a tutorial for it...I'll make it.


  1. oh ! love this 3d nail ! member me of some ingot of gold
    amazing !

    1. I was inspired by a golden art work. I really like the texture and boldness looking

  2. I love the color and gradient. And you are doing macro shots now? very cool.

    1. Thank you!!!!!
      Yes, I'm trying to make macro shots if I think the polish needs it ;-)

  3. wow....fantastic effect! Well done!

  4. Nude holos have become my favourite, not too eye-catching yet gorgeously sparkling. Perfect for any formal occasion :D
    Your NA is amazing, love the gradient and the textured effect!

    1. Thank you!
      The nugget was just something I had to try.
      Although I like the boldness...I'm not sure if I would actually wear it regularly ;-)
      The polish is so gorgeous on it's own :D

  5. Amazing :) I hope to use this idea if you don't mind that ;)

    1. I don't mind! My purpose is to be an inspiration!
      However if you decide to share it pulicly it would be nice if you could mention me as your inspiration :D

    2. There is no question about that :) Of course I will mention my inspiration ;)