Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art Color Club Paris in Love collection 2014

I told you before about Nailpolis: Museum of Nail Art and them hosting international contests as well.
I've entered the Easter nail art contest a while ago with this design:
And guess what?!
I won. Yay!!!!!!
The prize was the complete Paris in Love collection 2014 by Color Club!
From left to right:
- Color Club 1036 Macaroon Swoon
- Color Club 1037 Je t'aime
- Color Club 1038 La petite mint-sieur
- Color Club 1039 Je ne sais quoi
- Color Club 1040 Holy chic!
- Color Club 1041 Fondue for two
Looking at the promotion above I believe Color Club's inspiration for this collection came from Macarons.
Macarons are very popular in France.
In Paris, the Ladurée chain of pastry shops has been known for its macarons for about 150 years.


Swatches are all 2 coats over a clear basecoat and no topcoat.
Pictures are taken in the sun.
I tried to match the colors with some macarons flavors but I'm no expert and of course there are many more flavors that will fit the color.
Macaroon Swoon
Macaroon Swoon is a yellow pastel or more so a vanilla color.
Looking at the macaron this could be the vanilla, white chocolat or lemon flavor.
Je t'aime
Je t'aime is a pink pastel.
This could be the strawberry or raspberry flavor.
La petite mint-sieur
La petite mint-sieur a mint green.
This could be the mint or pistachio flavor.
Je ne sais quoi

Je ne sais quoi is a marigold yellow. Mustard is what comes to mind.
This could be the flavor chocolate, crème brûlée or caramel.
Holy chic!

Holy chic! is a periwinkle.
This could be the flavor black currant, lavender or blueberry.
Fondue for two
Fondue for two is a brown, chocolate color.
This could be the flavor chocolate or coffee.


My first reaction to this collection was: "OMG are those going to be the colors for this Summer?!"
Don't get me wrong: I love soft tones especially in Spring but brown and mustard...what were they thinking?
But as I swatched these and doing my research for this blog post I actually came to loving this collection.
I love how the colors fit to the inspiration of Macarons and Paris.
Looking for some nail art inspiration I found a lot of simular images like this one:
And look at the used colors!
Exactly...they match too :D
Now it doesn't come as a surprise that my personal favorites are the sweet colors (and these 4 come in a mini set as well).
My least favorite are the brown and mustard with Je ne sais quoi as #1...it doesn't fit my skintone, I hate mustard :D and really I have nothing that would match with this color.
Application and coverage
I was amazed!
It was very hot here in NL when I swatched these.
Most polishes are getting dry on the brush before I'm even applying them.
But these applied quite smooth and that's very good for being creme polishes.
All the polishes only needed two coats for opaqueness and the finish was pretty glossy.

Nail art

Yes, of course I made a nail art for you!
My inspiration came from the name of this collection "Paris in Love"
I started with a gradient of Holy chic!, Je t'aime and Macaroon Swoon using the sponging method.
Then I did a free hand design using a detail brush and the colors of the collection.
I finished with a matte topcoat: Jior Couture Matte Me
This is it!
Many thanks to Color Club for this beautiful collection.
Many thanks to Nailpolis: Museum of Nail Art for hosting this contest and being a fabulous gallery for all of us addicted :D
And of course many thanks to Celine Peña from Celine does Nails who chose my design as one of the winning designs


  1. i stayed without words! cannot say now which one is the best ! but this brown is so interesting ! and i am astonish about your art ! festival for eyes and soul !

    1. Thank you so much dear!
      I was a Lucky girl winning these :D

  2. Oh my goodness--your mani is perfection! The matte gives it such a nice soft look, too.

    1. Thank you.
      Luckily I just purchased the Jior Couture Matte Me and really wanted it to try it out.
      I took pictures before the matte and after and matte did came out as best :D

  3. Beautiful collection and a wonderful post today!

  4. Omg you drew that free hand?? That is so impressive!!!

  5. Oh wow, your nail art is so beautiful! Those birds are lovely!