Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 363) 2014 Glitter nails

Can't end the year without some glitter/bling!
This week's challenge on NPQ is "Sparkle 2014 nails".

Well, I thought that's a nice challenge to do some 'easy' New Year nails right?

I started with two coats of Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Feathers & Pearls C05 Running Wild.
It's a black polish with silver glitter. The silver glitter is VERY subtle...kinda hard to see!
However, I used the second coat as glue for Catrice Limited Edition Feathers & Pearls C02 Nail Sequins.
This is a mix of black micro glitter and black hexagons.
I just put my wet nail in the small container.
First trouble: The hexagons are bigger than micro glitter and it just doesn't perfectly fit the nail. To get a cleaner look you'll have to remove some hexagons or push them back on the nail...not hard, just annoying :D
I wanted to put on a topcoat for a somewhat more even surface...that's a NO! It smoothed out the whole thing as a subtle texture polish.
Luckily I only had to redo one nail.
The Nail Sequins however are perfect for any party!
To put extra attention to the 'sparkle' and '2014' part I wanted to add my favo purple holo glitter. Using a topcoat for glue.
This is where the other troubles came:
- The sequins are too textured to be able to paint on them (at least it's hard to paint clean which is kinda my thing)
- It's hard to see the topcoat on the black, textured base so you don't really see what you are doing.
I had to paint the numbers by parts in spite of the complete number as I would usually do.

Nevertheless, not quite so easy, not quite so clean but they do SPARKLE :D

Artificial light

Natural light


  1. Definitely very challenging working with glitters and big ones too. Nevertheless, I'm loving the sequin look it has and yes, agree with you! Nothing like heading towards New Year with sparkles! :D Aw, these did turned out crisps in my opinion as well as from my view! All your hardwork sure pays off well! Great job, Margriet! :)

    1. Thank you and...I will never do it again hehehe but I loved the sparkle!

  2. Nail art is getting rise in every part of the world and believe me it is not an easy task. Hats off to ladies who can do it so easily