Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 336) Easy velvet Christmas nails

For today a Christmas nail art everybody can do.

And we are going to use velvet/flocking powder:

- Green velvet
- Red velvet (Essence effect nails)

To make the list complete, here are some other materials you might need:

- Seche Vite (or any other clear polish, topcoat, basecoat)

- Nail art brush

- Brush

- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 08 Goldbusters
- China Glaze 1252 Just Be-Claws
- Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 720 Green Miracle

To shorten time I mostly don't use nail polish as base. I directly put the velvet on the nail using topcoat for glue.

Benefits for using nail polish as underground are:
- You have a design to go by
- If the velvet didn't stuck well at any place it won't show that good (if you use simular colors that is).

Step 1: I've started with the nail art brush and polishes to make my Christmas designs (Christmas tree, star, chevron, gift/present). Let the polish dry completely before you go ahead with the next steps.
This way you see the look that I'm aiming for (the red and green will get velvet in the next steps)

Step 2: Use the same nail art brush to apply topcoat on a figure.
Work the nail in steps (don't try to do it all in once). Also, if the topcoat already dried too much it won't catch any velvet. Big figures can be devided in steps as well.
And, make it easy for yourself!...For example on the index it's smart to start with the Christmas tree, middle-star, ring-red chevron, pinky-gift bow.
Get some velvet with your fingers or tweezers and apply it on the WET topcoat. Use something underneath (paper) to catch any surplus. Use the brush to wipe away excess velvet powder.
Now, this design could just as well be the end look (if you prefer).

Step 3: However, I wanted to be everything in velvet (except the gold part).
I repeated step 2 but this time applying the topcoat on the other parts.

Step 4: It's all optional of course but I finished the design with some details :D
Using the same nail art brush to apply topcoat for glue.

+ Star stud
+ Round rhinestones
+ Fabric bow


  1. Those are cool. I have never seen flocking for nails-flocked fabric, yes!

    1. Here it finally made it's way from the webshops to Essence :D
      It's fun stuff to play with and gives the nails such a different look!

  2. This is very nice! Fabulous effect. I will be happy to try as well :)