Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 344) Easy Christmas nail art

Let me tell you a story :D
This morning, after bringing the kids to school, my hubby and I were on a quest of finding a new Christmas tree.
We've had a fake Christmas tree for years now and the top had broken off which we fixed last year with the tube of the vacuum cleaner :-/
This year I didn't want to do that trick again.
Of course at the first store we saw a beautiful tree with led lights and nicely priced.
But...my hubby had seen an advertisement of an other store with a cheaper tree.
We went there and the tree was ugly (and this is an understatement).
No time left, so back to school to pick up the kids. They have their lunch at home and then have to go to school again.
After bringing the kids again we went back to the first store and guess what....yeah, all sold out grrrrrrrr.
Not only is my broken tree up again, I had to refurbish, refurnish and redocorate my complete living room (duh, I'm a woman :D)
Well, that's why I'm late today but you'll forgive me right?!

Today an easy nail art.
I actually wanted gold glitter on red matte but my gold glitter isn't fine enough.
But I do think this is prettier. So, if you decide to do this and you do have the needed products...go with this combination.

Here is my version:
After the basecoat apply a gold polish (opaque)
After a little drying time apply a matte topcoat.
This needs to be completely dry otherwise your glitter is everywhere.
Then take a striper brush, topcoat and red glitter (this is what I've used) or a glitter nail art pen or even a glitter striper.
With the striper brush and topcoat I've made a horizontal line across the nail, applied the red glitter and went to the next nail.
After each line, take a brush and remove any extra. Then make a second line, glitter and remove surplus and so on till you're pleased with the look.

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  1. Wonderful and yet appealing nail art ideas. Many ladies going to like it so much. Great job and keep sharing more like this.