Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 343) Candy canes and mistletoe

I wanted to do another nail art for the "candy striped" challenge.
This time using real candy colors; neon.
But as I'm doing many Christmas nail arts this month I decided it needed a touch of Christmas as well.
FAILURE of course.
Neon and Christmas colors: such a lovely match hahaha.
Oh well, after I took a good look at these tropical Christmas nails, I've decided to replace the neon with silver.

Of course I want to share the fun with you. Here is the neon version:

I sponged the neons on a white base. Then I took a striper brush and white polish to make the stripes.
On the accent you see 2 candy canes making a heart shape. Within the heart you can find the mistletoe.

And here is the better, silver version ;D


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much. In a weird kind of way the neon version is appealing 💅

  2. theyre both very cute but my favourite is candy cane one,so neat!!

  3. Your nail art is beautiful! You should share it on!

    1. Thank you!!! I will do that when I finally find some time :D

  4. Ooh!! I prefer the silver ones more :) But they are both beautiful! And I simply love the idea of mistletoe in a candy cane heart shape! Would also be a great idea for weddings near Christmas times! ♥

    1. Oh, I hadn't thought of that!
      It would be perfect for a Christmas wedding!