Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 351) Star jelly sandwich nails

I saw this technique before with some glitter shapes and it just looked like the jelly polishes you can buy that have already glitters in them.
Although it looked like a cheaper alternative to buying a jelly glitter polish it didn't really catch my attention.
But a few days ago I saw this beautiful tutorial by Denise Heavner
She used stamps between the layers of jelly polish and this had to be something I needed to try as well.

First problem:
I have only 3 tiny stamping plates with designs that just don't fit this time a year.
But after some consideration I thought the star would be best.
Second problem:
I don't own any jelly polishes.
In my head: Everything that doesn't cover within 3 layers is a waste of money.
But after taking a good look at my stash I did find an apple green glitter polish that doesn't cover at all: Actuelle 472 Perolado

- Jelly polish (or not opaque polish)
- Stamping plate
- Stamping polish
This design is with stamping but you could also put glitters, flitters, handpainted nail art, decals etc. between the layers.

Stap 1:
After the basecoat apply one layer of your jelly polish.
To speed up the drying time I've used a topcoat on each layer of jelly.
Step 2:
Stamp some designs on your nails (you can use different designs, different colors, just as you please).
I started with white stars.
Step 3:
Apply another layer of your jelly.
Step 4:
Again stamp some designs.
This time I stamped red stars.
Step 5:
Apply another layer of jelly.

Depending on the sandwich effect you please or how thick your jelly is, you can either stop with 2 times stamping or go for more.

I've decided to do another layer.
Step 6:
Stamp some designs.
I've stamped gold smaller stars. However in the picture this doesn't show but in real life the gold stars are shown as well.
Step 7:
Apply the finishing layer of jelly and a topcoat to protect the whole thing.

Because of the many layers and the many layers of topcoat I already had some shrinkage at the tips.

Good luck! The effect is amazing!
Here is my outcome:


  1. Stampwich as some calls it or Sandwich nail art for that matter, never fails to yield interesting result! Love the Christmas-themed colours you used here. Ahems, plus I like how this technique saves us from 'wasting' sheer polishes :)

  2. Yes. I know what to do now with those sheer polishes...won't throw them away anymore hehehe.
    Have to get some more plates though ;D

  3. If i can try it in many different shades i think this is the best thing i could ever find on internet. i liked it thank you so much for sharing it with me