Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 335) Stained glass design Christmas

It's the first of December and this month you will mostly see Christmas designs.
So keep tuned for some easy and more artistic Christmas nail arts.

Today a stained glass look with of course a Christmas theme :D

I started with the black outlines using a black polish and detail nail art brush (000).
Then I colored it in by using some different kind of colors (polish) and the same brush.
I finished with a matte topcoat.

I'm pretty proud of these :D


  1. This festive Nail art design is perfectly executed. We just love the Christmas Symbology, the individual little scenes remind me of our carol service on Christmas eve. Just fabulous.

  2. I love this! I might just give it a try too :)

    1. A year later I have finally done it! I couldn't get my lines as perfect as yours but I was pretty happy with it. I wanted to tag you on Instagram but it seems like you don't use it?

    2. I've had a quick look at it on IG :D
      I changed my profile name to nailart365, the same as Twitter.
      Didn't even updated it here on my blog :( SORRY
      I think you did a great job! Still a mani I like and from your hands as well!!
      Thank you for sharing!! ♥