Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 345) Nail art Christmas gift

For today's nail art my inspiration was "Christmas gifts".

The middle finger, ring finger and pinky have a gift ribbon design. At the crossing of the ribbons I've painted a poinsettia.

The index is my favorite.
As inspiration I've used a cut-paper work design (cut art).
It existed of two pieces of paper, different color. One is used as base, the other is used for cutting.
The cut paper design then is placed on top of the other paper, making it somewhat 3D. Sometimes 3D pieces are also applied to increase the effect.

I used almost the same design as I've seen, but sized to finger nail and a little simplified.
This is all hand painted and perhaps you think you'll never be able to do this.
Well, I thought about that and came to the idea that you could stamp on your base first and only have to paint the outlines and cross of the gift or just a cross if you're making a window.


  1. Amazing! Such detailed hand painted designs! They are so intricate! I love the index finger the best :3