Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 362) Fireworks nail art

Not so unique but it is beautiful and quite easy to achieve.

Use a dark background (black, dark blue, matte, glossy, sand, glitter)
Use bright colors to paint the fireworks.
The fireworks look can be achieved with dots and lines placed in a circle, umbrella shape, opening flower shape or like rain.
It doesn't really matter what you do. This time a year using a dark background+bright colors makes everyone think about fireworks immediately. So, just have fun with it!

Here are some swatches of my background color.
Rimmel London Space dust 005 Total Eclipse

"Total Eclipse" is a black based polish with teal glitters that light up in artificial light (pictures above).
It dries quick and like a textured polish. Two coats is enough for good coverage.
In natural light the polish looks like this:

To make the bright colors of fireworks pop extra I've used a white polish first.
Here is my nail art without and with topcoat. In the picture without looks better I think but in real life the topcoat made the colors more bright and therefore prettier.


  1. Sad to know your blog finishes in 3 days, will you keep blogging?

    1. I can't make any promises but I think I'll be around to blog ;D

  2. Oh i think I love them both, with and without topcoat! This is so beautiful, Margriet! I love how you made the colours pop and they popped so beautifullly against the darker background! Love them! ♥

    1. Thanks.
      I loved this one and was kind of sad to take it off again.
      Well, better luck next New Year's Eve ;D

  3. i finally have this one ! Misery loves blue sent we have nude and pink only ! it is amazing shade and color