Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 347) Easy Christmas tree nail designs

Main goal for today:
Swatch my Birthday polish :D

Morgan Taylor - Make a Statement
"Make a Statement" is a light purple glitter polish.
A clear base filled with purple micro glitter and purple and dark purple round glitters.
The camera really had trouble catching all the beauty of this polish. Second image shows a better look of the color but is still too dark.
This polish is great to top over another polish (1 coat) or to wear opaque (3 coats, images above).
The polish dries like a liquid sand; fast, matte and with texture.
Because of the texture it is hard to nail art. Therefore simple Christmas tree designs.
I've used a pearly white polish (Pupa) to paint the Christmas trees.
I thought the nail art was already ok but still I went to give it a finishing touch with reddish pink ornaments (Essence Sparkle Sand Effect - 156 Me & My Lover).