Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 307) November Rain

It's November and when I hear November I always have to think about the Guns N' Roses song called "November Rain".
It sounds suitable for November as it's raining a lot here in November.
And not only 'water' also rains fall leaves (the last ones).
As I was thinking of this 'double' rain I wanted to translate it to a nice fall nail art.

I've only used a small dottingtool for this nail art to make two kinds of leaves and rain drops.
Here's a little tutorial for it:

The black circles are dots. The arrows show how you'll have to pull the polish with your dottingtool.


  1. Very cool! I don't think I'd ever manage such tiny leaves, they look amazing :)

  2. Oh its been raining a lot lately here too, but I'm not complaining! Its been way too hot for way too long! So I always appreciate the cooler days end year brings :D Hehe, but I know many prefers the warmer times.

    Anyway, love the nail art as well as the idea behind it! Combining the both of them is just perfect! I also love the cool colours of the raindrop hues, standing out against the warm colours of falling leaves. How soothing :)

    1. Thank you friend!
      I prefer either sun or snow but walking/biking in rain and wind is just no fun at all!