Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 330) Finding perfect snow nails (part 1)

I've been on a quest to find the perfect snow nails.
With perfect snow nails I mean the stuff you could use to create the best snow look.
I've been looking for glitter snow paste that they use for crafting but it's only available at art-/hobby/-craft stores and there isn't any near my place.

So, I ended up trying other stuff.
For all the nails shown today I've used a white base (Claire's White)
For the first nails I used the following:

Decorative snow

Claire's 87688 Fluffy

Granulated Sugar

Artificial snow

This is without topcoat.

If you want your nails to last you'll need a topcoat for the deco snow, sugar and artificial snow.

This is with topcoat.

As you can see you're losing some of the fluffiness from the deco snow and a lot of it from the artificial snow.

Most pretty: Claire's fluffy
Best snow look without topcoat: Artificial snow (by far)
Best snow look with topcoat: Deco snow
Easiest to work with: Sugar

My winner: Deco snow (full nail), Artificial snow (nail art)

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