Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 322) Cut the rope nail art

This week's challenge is "Gamer geek".
I don't have time to game anymore, but when I have time I can be addicted to a game for quite some time.
On the PC I play games like Dream Chronicles, poker, Settlers of Catan, Rummi, Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga.
On the Wii I play Zelda, Guitar Hero and Just Dance.
And App wise it's brief playing of different games like Cut the rope, Angry Birds, etc.

I've done some game nails before which you can find here and here, so I wanted to skip these.
But hey it would be a challenge to do some more game nails so I couldn't really resist ;D

For today's nail art I've used the following image as my inspiration:


  1. good inspiration !i am occupied now so much ,dont have any time to play games
    love this frog !scissors and lilypop too !see ya bye!

    1. Yes, we lack time to play games...we're playing polish hahahaha. Thanks dear