Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 311) OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection (mini pack liquid sand)

OPI recently came out with their new Holiday/Christmas limited edition.
Again, they joined forces with Mariah Carey and to be honest when I think of Christmas I have good memories of spending time in the bar with my friends and singing along with Mariah's 'All I want for Christmas'.

The collection is quite big for a limited one and consists of
- 12 full sized bottles

- A special PURE topcoat
A luxurious clear topcoat with flakes of genuine 18K white gold and silver
- And 3 mini packs

4 mini nail lacquers of the regular full sized bottles

3 mini liquid sands which are exclusive for this mini pack

3 mini liquid sands which are exclusive for this mini pack.

I've used the last mini pack for today's nail art.
If you have any requests for swatching one or more of these, please let me know!

The mini pack contains 3 mini liquid sands:
- Emotions; a black liquid sand with small round black glitters
- It's frosty outside; a silver liquid sand with small round silver glitter
- Kiss me at midnight; a blue liquid sand with small round silver glitter
Two coats gives an opaque outcome.

For the nail art I also used another OPI mini liquid sand; OPI Couture de Minnie Magazine Cover Mouse.

As inspiration for today's nail art I used the names of the lacquers.
On the nails you'll see a night sky with blue full moon (midnight) and silver dots representing snow (frosty). On the pinky I used several colors to make some fireworks for New Years Eve (midnight). In front of the blue full moon I painted a silhouette with santa hat which is blowing frosty air filled with hearts/love and a kiss (emotions and kiss at midnight)


  1. This looks beautiful! I love the fireworks :)

  2. Oh hahaha the images were hard to see at first, but as I read your post, everything was slowly revealed! I love it! Its like reading a story book where I get to anticipate a plot slowly unfolding :D The silhouette blowing frosty air is definitely a genius! I love how you did them ♥

  3. Ah well. I was going for something else and this turned out.
    Not my best but the thoughts behind it, is what counts right?

  4. Dear, you have never did swatches with this nail polishes ?
    :) i wanted to see how do they look like on your nails :)

    1.'re right...I must have been short on time ;)