Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 314) Nail art black Pete

Today another nail art for my country and the celebration of Sinterklaas.
This one is about black Pete.

A black Pete is a companion of Sinterklaas. He has a blackface with black curly hair, is dressed up like a 17th-century page in a colorful suit, often with a lace collar, and donning a feathered cap.
Black Pete's usually carry a bag which contains candy (pepernoten) for nice children and a roe (chimney sweep's broom) made of willow branches, used to spank naughty children.

Right now, there is a huge discussion going on about racism towards the Pete's for being black and servants of Sinterklaas. It's being sketched as slavery.
As a little kid I also asked why they were black and I always got the answer that they have black faces because they climb down dirty, soot-filled chimneys.
Of course this doesn't explain the curly black hair and large red lips.
But I was satisfied with the answer and now I look at it as a tradition that shouldn't be changed because their role isn't being a slave. They are just as important as Sinterklaas and forfill a role that can't be missed.
I wouldn't mind if they get another color either. What's in the skintone?! I wouldn't mind them being white, yellow, black or even pink.
It's a celebration for kids!!
But under no circumstances I want to be named a racist so I decided to skip all of this from my nail art and use just some other characteristics.

Index: feathered cap
Middle: Chocolat letters 'P' for Piet and 'S' for Sinterklaas. Burlap sack filled with presents
Ring: Pete's hand throwing pepernoten (spiced round cookies)
Pinky: Roe (chimney broom) and carrot for Sinterklaas his horse


  1. nice Margi,and nice nail art
    you did a good explanation!thx for that !

    1. Thanks dear! It's one of the most important time of the year for Dutch people.
      Glad you can appreciate it!!

    2. you are welcome!here Christian Otrodox has similar story on 7th January
      Santa Claus gives to a good child gifts !but he dont has servant,must carry heavy stuffs alone ! :) lol

    3. Then I guess he's still very young.
      Our Snterklaas is like a million years old hahaha

  2. Wow get to know something new. Your mani is very Nice dear :-)

    1. Btw I just followed u via gfc hope u follow back ty :-)

    2. Btw I just followed u via gfc hope u follow back ty :-)

    3. I found out: Google Friend Connect. Done!

  3. Wow! That would NOT go down here in America! Thank you for this post! I had no idea that black pete even existed and have added it to the little trivial basket in my mind!
    Your culture is very interesting to me :D

    1. Thank you!
      When you translate the problems to America it would be the same as little people complaining to be pictured as elves and having to be Santa's servants.
      It's all so over the top IMAO...don't we have enough other (important) problems in the world???

  4. Hmm.. well.. I suppose 'colours' tend to be a sensitive issue sometimes. Though you are fortunate you get a reasonable explanation when you were young, but others may not have gotten a 'nice' answer and misunderstandings happens. haha. Anyway,,, to the main topic - nail art! Love the nail art! I thought it looks really fun and Pete's having lots of fun distributing the gifts :) I love how you've drawn the hand too! Looks really cartoonish yet very organic! Great job! ♥

  5. Thank you!
    Yes, colours are a sensitive issue. But I know for a fact that most children get the 'nice answer'...luckily.
    Tomorrow will be Sinterklaas Eve and well, after that we have to wait for a whole year to get the same troubles again.