Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 324) Reverse gradient

I don't know the exact name for today's nail art.
I've seen something simular before from other people. So, maybe someone can help me out with this?
I call it 'reverse gradient' but 'gradient on gradient' could also be a good name.

You start with a gradient and then make a design by using a reverse gradient.

Take a look at my nail art and I'll explain:

I started with a sponged gradient (blue to pink).
Then I've placed dots in reverse on index, middle and pinky (pink dots on blue and blue dots on pink).
On the ring finger I placed striping tape on the first gradient. Then I sponged the reverse gradient
(Striping tape design: 1st gradient, rest of the nail: reverse gradient).
Interesting effect isn't it?


  1. amazing! Can we have tutorial, please?

    1. Thank you!
      I have to do a design each day. So there is not much time left for doing tutorials for past nail arts.
      But after my challenge I will ask people if there are requests for nail arts that I've done and I will keep this one in mind.
      I know this will take some waiting time...sorry
      But meanwhile..maybe this link can help you. I've used the same method.

  2. i think you could spend next year and just tutorials and people would love it!

    1. A new challenge is born! No, just kidding hahaha
      But I will do some tutorials...after taking a sabbatical ;D