Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 330) Finding perfect snow nails (part 2)

And here is my part 2.
Again all with the same white polish as base: Claire's White

For the part 2 nails I used the following:

Cotton ball (just a little bit)

Pupa Crazy Lurex (bar glitter in a kind of cotton stuff)

White holo glitter


Without topcoat.

If you want the nails to last, you'll need a topcoat for all of them.

With topcoat.

You'll lose some of the fluffiness from the cotton and the salt will absorb some of the topcoat.

Most pretty: Pupa Crazy Lurex and white holo glitter
Best snow look without topcoat: Cotton (fluffy snow) and salt (powder snow)
Best snow look with topcoat: Cotton
Easiest to work with: Pupa Crazy Lurex, white holo glitter and salt (easiest to clean cuticles)

My winner: Cotton (full nail), salt (nail art), glitters (pretty nail art).

Putting part one and two together:
For the best snow look without topcoat: Artificial snow
For the best snow look with topcoat: Deco snow and Cotton


  1. Haha! Wat een leuk experiment. Vind die white holo glitter prachtig!

    1. Ja, was een leuk experiment!
      Is mijn dingetje wel wat :D
      Die witte holo glitter komt trouwens uit een glitter mix (hobby) van de Zeeman hahaha