Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 323) Pupa Crazy Lurex

Today I want to show you this set by Pupa:

Pupa Crazy Lurex Holographic Microfibres
This set contains the following:
- A pearly nail polish
- A brush
- A jar with holographic microfibres
Let's start with the pearly nail polish. On the picture is two coats of Pupa P249 115:
This is such a beautiful polish!
It's pearly and has a delicate shimmer which makes it suitable for any occasion. Very elegant, graceful and classy.
It applies easy and two coats gives a perfect coverage.
Although there is a tutorial on the back of the package...of course I haven't read it (yeah, just like a man).
But I guess you are supposed to apply one coat let it dry and use the second coat as glue for the microfibres.
For the swatch I wanted to have good coverage so I've use a topcoat as glue for the microfibres.

I've worked nail by nail.
Starting with a layer of topcoat and generously sprinkling on the microfibres (you might use something to catch the surplus microfibres). Then I shaked my hand to get rid of some extra.
After finishing all the nails I've used the brush gently over the nails and to clean up the cuticles.
I'm very happy with the outcome (picture doesn't really do it justice). It does have a holographic effect and it's just sparkling in any light.
I love it, it looks kinda snowy :D
Great for a winter mani or for the holidays to bring that sparkle!!!
I do think the set is a little expensive as there are many cheaper alternatives...maybe holographic microfibres are already sold somewhere...
So, I hope Pupa gets smart and makes it less expensive.
For the nail art I've done a simple snow star:


  1. I love this so much! And I can't get over how gorgeous that pearl polish is

  2. Dear i missed this post in g+,but here i can see everything what i have missed.snowflake is lovely and pupa set too !