Saturday, August 24, 2013

Liebster Blog Award!

A few days ago I received a "Liebster" Blog Award by Bianca Keogh who has a lovely blog called Just nailin
This is what the Award looks like:
"Liebster" is German for "beloved".
Apparently the blogs who are nominated for this Award are considered "worth watching" and are still under 200 followers/members.
Wow, now that's a great compliment right?!
And...great thing is: I'm able to send this forward to 10 other blogs which I think deserve to be "worth watching"!
There are some rules:
1) Once you have received a nomination make sure you post this badge somewhere on your blog.
2) Each nominator will have a set of questions for you to answer. Usually about information you have not yet talked about on your blog, therefore giving your followers (and new followers) get to know a little bit more about you.
3) Nominate 10 blogs with less then 200 followers, who you think deserve this award! 
4) Make sure you let them know!
5) No tag backs.
Let's start with the answers to the questions I got:
1) Why did you decided to create a blog??
As a stay-at-home mom I needed something else to do besides the 4 kids. Nail art came out, as did my challenge.
2) What is something you LOVE doing (besides nail art)?
Easy answer would be being a wife and mom. But I also love to travel and write.
3) When did you start doing nail art?
I was about 13 years old making my own nail art. At that time I didn't know this was already nail art. At 16 years old I discovered the little paintings on nails of flowers, animals etc. and immediately fell in love with it.
4) What was your last dream about?
It has been a nightmare actually.
It is hot in the Netherlands and we leave the windows open for some freshness.
I dreamt someone came in through my son's bedroom window. I heard some noice and checked on my boy. As I caught the person coming through the window I wanted to scream for my husband but I had no voice. Then I got an injection in my chest and felt me getting weak as I saw he did the same thing to my son (how cruel right??) and then I woke up.
5) What is something you CAN NOT live without and why?
Again, husband and children would be an easy answer.
But one thing you guys really don't know about me yet is that I can't live without chocolate. And I'm talking about those huge ass bars. I can eat those away in a few minutes. It is my drug and I only stop eating when I feel I'm gaining weight.

Now that I've answered the questions I get to pick my 10 blogs:
  3) +Pru Ryan from Nails by Pru
And here are my questions for you:
1) What frightens you?
2) What is your favorite nail art which you made yourself?
3) We have a TV-program called "Try before you die" What is your "try"?
4) What is your addiction?
5) Is there anything weird about you that people should know or shouldn't? This is your chance to make us part of it ;-D
Thanks and good look for the nominees!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! And again thanks for the Award. I loved your questions ;-D

  2. Congratulations on Liebster award!! You totally deserve it! :D

    Whoa that's a really horrible dream :( Be safe always! Remember to lock all windows and doors before going to sleep! And if you do believe in God, always pray for His protection every night :)

    1. Thank you.

      I saw you got the Liebster Award as well from Bianca. So, congrats for you too (otherwise I would have given it to you!)

      Since my nightmare I do close the windows. I don't sleep well if I don't (chicken)LOL

  3. Hello, congratulation on liebster award, and thank you for your nomination, but I've been nominated before. ^.^
    Anyway, I'll answer your question here;
    1. I'm afraid of cats (I can't stand the look of their eyes) and dogs (been bitten once when I was a kid, since then, I'm afraid being near them)
    2. I love nail splatter, it's easy and fun to do.
    3. Sorry don't know that program, but I want to try bungee jumping from the high building before I die.
    4. I can't stop watching Korean dramas..... (it's so addicting)
    5. I like to look at the mirror and say to myself I'm beautiful and I don't care what people said :P
    Love your blog , keep it on dear <3

    1. Then you are a lucky person getting another one ;P
      Thanks for answering the questions!

  4. omg omg!! That is sooo cute, your an awesome person!!!!!!!!!! so much love to you, and keep the blog it is soo amzing! xoxo CONGRATS ON THE AWARD!!! ( IMAGINARY FANFARE TUNE)

    1. You are funny. That's why I love your blog. I keep smiling when I read your posts!

      Keep it going! ♥