Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 218) Nail art frog

For today I wanted to do a 'tip' nail art.
I didn't want to do a French or flower design but something different.
My base color made me decide that it was going to be a frog.

Here are some swatches of my base color:

Models Own - Emerald City NP002
It was really hard to get the exact color on picture.
As the name of this polish suggest that it is an "Emerald"...it is!!!

I would describe the color as a kind of ocean/petrol color but more green than blue.
The pictures above shows how beautiful it is, but for the real color you should imagine it a little bit greener.
To get the coverage from above I had to apply 2 very thick layers of polish.
You can imagine this made it a very thick substance as well to dry...even with a topcoat it takes a lot of time.
In the the future I would use this polish more as a glitter topcoat on a simular background or even on a different base color. I think it would be absolutely perfect on black, petrol, silver, greens. Then one thin coat would be enough!

Like I said, the color goes more to a green and that's how I came up with the frog.
A full body frog on the tip would have made it very small and perhaps it would only look more like a blur version of it.
I decided to go for the frog's head.



  1. OOH!! Love the frog! It's so adorable! :D

  2. this colour is something unbelievable!

    1. Yes, I kept looking at it all day (as did everyone else I was passing :D )

  3. wow...i fall in love again ! you are my favor friend here :-))))))
    1000 x +++++++++++++