Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 233) Duo chrome nail art

Not that I'm looking forward towards the fall but I needed some colors in the dark ;D
Today my hubby was told that he looses his job.
After 30 years they thought his job (which is improvement and money saving) can be deleted as they don't have any money for new investments.
Well yeah, don't save money when you need it! (???)
However, we're trying to see everything in a positive light and consider this as a new start.

For today's nail art I used 5 duo chrome polishes.
On a white base I sponged these 5 colors:

Then I took my striper brush and painted the nail black leaving some open figures where you can see the duo chromes:

I don't know what time will bring. But I guess I'll be looking for a job as well. Hopefully I can still manage my blogs...

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