Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 215) International Nail Art Day (INAD)


Today is International Nail Art Day (INAD)
This new holiday is created just for nail art.
Of course we love, make and see nail arts throughout the whole year but this day it's really in the "spotlight".
Share your best on all your social media with #INAD and celebrate with the rest of us!!
There's also a nice give-away for this event hosted by salonfanatic

So, today I share my very best (so far) using as much nail art as I probably can:

For the base of the nails I used 4 colors: pink, purple, orange and mint green.

  • Sponged 4 colors
  • Stitched letter "I"
  • Rhinestones (round+teardrop)
  • Metallic studs (silver round)
  • Water marble 4 colors
  • Stitched letter "N"
  • Pink crushed shell
  • Ocean Icy Mylar
  • Fan brush design 4 colors
  • Stitched letter "A"
  • Pink fimo flower
  • Mint green sand
  • Sponged gradient 4 colors
  • Stitched letter "D"
  • Silver flitter (honeycomb+diamond shapes+straws)
  • Silver glitter
  • Handpainted stripes 4 colors
  • Stitched heart with laser lace inside
  • Yellow glitter+yellow round flitter
  • Purple glitter+purple beads
  • Half pearls
  • Fabric bow
  • Laser thread coming from the heart going to the needle
  • Real needle as nail piercing
 I call it "The grand finale!"
I guess you'll understand why... ;-D



  1. Wowwwww! These are incredibly well done!! :D I love each nail and the whole mix and match! ♥

    Hmm, I had no idea. So 3rd of August every year is an international Nail Art Day? :D

  2. Thanks♥
    Yes, it's going to be an annual holiday.
    I only found out a day before but I guess it just has to spread some more...

  3. Very pretty! I love the video :-) So many beautiful nail art manis!

    1. Thank you so much! I saw you shared it as well. Very kind of you. I owe you.. ♥