Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 220) Nail art (North)star

Don't know what kind of state I was in when I purchased my last haul...but it is all glitter!
Not that this is a bad thing...I didn't have any. Good for my collection (read: good excuse).

Today another swatch and again of beautiful polish:

China Glaze - Water you waiting for
The base polish looks like a watery blue and then there is glitter!
Small hexagons, some bigger en the little small round ones.
They vary in colour from blue to green, to petrol, to teal.
The main colour I would describe as a kind of jeans blue.
However, this polish lives up to it's name; It looks like an ocean with different colours of blues and greens.
To be opaque 2 thin coats is enough (used on the picture above).
I chose this colour as my inspiration for today's nail art. Only not in the way that you would expect. I chose to see it more as a galaxy or ice colour (instead of water) and I really felt the urge to make a (North)star.
And here it is:
The star is white with a silver outline. In the centre I placed a round rhinestone.
Thanks for reading and your support!


  1. Coolness! I have just recently got myself this bottle of polish too! Extremely beautiful and stunning!! :)

    Btw, loving the compilation of your nail arts so far! :D And the North Star nail art totally reminds me of Christmas! :) How cool! Christmas in August ^^

    1. Hahaha, ♥ Christmas ;D
      Good taste you have for having this colour too ;-P