Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 232) Glow in the dark nail art

I finally found a low budget glow in the dark polish which actually works!

But first things first. After the basecoat I applied this polish:

Bourjois SO laque glossy - 06 Adora-bleu
My camera and I weren't friends today.
Although the picture above shows a beautiful color and believe me it is!
But it's also more bright than in real life.
I did have pictures showing the real color but the shot itself wasn't clean.
The next picture will give a better sight.
This polish applies great and only ONE coat was enough for good coverage.
After my base I made some (not too difficult) nail art designs with gold:
New York Color (NYC) In a minute - 002 Full metal Jacket
Two beautiful colors but let's talk about that glow in the dark shall we?!
The nail with the French manicure got an all over coat of glow in the dark. As I wanted to see if a different underground will show.
The other nails have glow on the dark on the actual nail art (the gold parts)
Still no friends with the camera!
I made about 200 shots and finally got a picture worth posting...but still not as beautiful and accurate as in real life:

 Essence nail art Glow in the night top coat (Fluorescent)
The polish was easy to apply. I do think it works better when applied thickly.
It gets charged by light. Keep them in a bright light for a minute or so and watch your childrens faces as you show them magic!!!
As you can see on the first nail it does make a difference when having other undergrounds...now I'm really curious how it will look on a neon yellow!!