Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 226) Nail art swirl

Today another polish that I want to show you.

Kleancolor - 277 Bright & Breezy (metallic matte)
I would describe this polish as a purple one with a large amount of very tiny silver glitter.
It has a matte finish.
The matte finish is already noticed when applying. It dries quickly and therefore you'll have to be fast in painting your nail otherwise you can pull some polish that you've already painted. Nevertheless it is so rich pigmented that only 1 coat is enough for coverage and maybe 2 for filling up some ridges, little pulled holes.
Although it's gorgeous and different I'm not really sure if the matte finish has any substantianal value; there are many (not too expensive) good matte topcoats which could do the job as well and with this nail polish my first arrogant thought was: "How would it look with a shiny topcoat?!"
But maybe it's the same as with hair; if you have curls you want it straight and vice versa.
But I like the color in matte as much as I do when it's shiny.
Little extra pro for the matte: it looks just like our 'brushed' golden wedding rings but then in purple!
The nail art is an accent nail and the design is not that hard. I did apply a shiny topcoat on all nails just to show you this look as well (although the camera couldn't catch the difference that well).

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