Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 242) Nail art brick wall

When I bought my Artdeco sparkling sand nail lacquer (gold) I had trouble deciding which one to take.
There was also a beautiful black one but after a lot of thinking I chose the gold because I saw some more ways to use this one (read Christmas time).
I regretted that I couldn't take them both but today my eye catched Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect nail polish.
The color in the bottle showed some similarities with the Artdeco black one that I couldn't afford.
Obviously this ended up in my shopping basket.

Want to know what I'm talking about...
Here is a swatch of this polish:
Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect - 165 Here's my number
I'm loving the color! It's not really black but more of an anthracite which makes it more appealing for a wider public.
The sparkling effect is brought by multicolor micro glitter.
Two coats gives an opaque coverage and it goes on very smoothly.
As I was applying this polish I asked myself if this was really a sand nail lacquer. Most of the sand lacquers I know are matte. This one was so shiny I couldn't believe that there was any texture in it.
The picture above reveals some of the shinyness that was still there.
But after some time I saw this polish drying and it turned into a really (beautiful) sand nail lacquer (this look can be found in the next picture).
Anthracite...stones...tiles...floors...walls...brick...BRICK WALL
Logic thinking right ;-P
Well, here is my brick wall nail art:




  1. THis looks great! I'm getting so many ideas for things to try on my blog!

  2. I think Essence is one of the best polishes for the money and I love their bottles and caps. I've not heard about sparkling sand. I wonder if it is a take off on Zoya's Pixie Dust. they sure look similar. I hope we get these in the states. I would like to try one.

    1. As far as I've seen there are two sparkling sands in their 'normal' collection (a red and this anthracite). If you wish I can send these to you...
      Let me know