Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 225) Nail art abstract blue

For today I have another step-by-step nail art.
The technique used I've shown before (you can find it here)
But today I wanted to see if it could also bring some other ways of use.

Step 1: Start with a white base

OPI - Alpine Snow
Step 2: Preparations for the nail art

1) Material:
- Seche Vite topcoat (or any other topcoat)
- Sealable plastic bag/zipper bag
2) Make some sort of swatches with the topcoat on the bag and let it dry:

3) Give the topcoat swatches different blue colors and let it dry:

Step 3: Making the nail art

1) Material:
- Scissors
- Tweezers

2) Carefully pull the topcoat with color from the bag. Hold it with the tweezers as you cut it in any desired design. I chose to cut some stripes, triangles, triangular shapes and random little shapes:

3) Apply topcoat on the white base and use this as glue for your shapes. To easily remove any excess apply another layer of topcoat as the shapes will blend in it. (The rest can be removed with remover.)

And this is the outcome:

The first three designs (from left to right) aren't that special I think.
This can also be done hand painted and for me it would take less time.
But if you aren't that steady yet, this could be the perfect solution.
The last design I really love. I can't even describe it but Í'll give it a try: broken glass, crushed ice, stars...It is different!


  1. Aw super love these blue nail arts! :) Yeah, for me painting them on right away is faster too. And less work? Sort of... but still this is a great alternative to prepare nail art in advance for any occasion when free-handing may prove to be a little more time consuming. Great tutorial btw! :)