Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 243) Peacock nail art

Yesterday I got a real bargain because all the nail products were 1+1 (buy one, get one for free).
I also took an Essence special effect topper.
Mostly I don't even notice these special effect toppers.
Many times it's just a clear polish with glitters...when I have simular glitters at home I will make it myself!
But this one I couldn't resist taking (well, and it was free).

Essence Nail art Special effect! topper - 15 Glitter on me
This clear polish has silver micro glitter combined with multicolor strips/pieces which gives the total look a kinda holo one.
The colors and the feather like pieces reminded me of a peacock.
Although I've done a peacock nail art before I wanted to do it again and this time prettier.
I used a pretty teal color as my base:
New York Color NYC - 206 East Village
I didn't know how the outcome would be with the topper. Therefore I took the picture above.
But here is the one with Essence topper:
Which one do you prefer most?


  1. I have East Village also. It was one of the first polishes I bought back last fall. And, of course, I like the glitter coat the best. It just adds to the Peacock theme.

    1. Thanks! East Village is a beautiful color but I don't like the polish. Pigments are very low...needs at least 3 coats and it's still not a smooth surface (brush stripes. The topper is great!!