Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 214) Nail art meteor shower

For today's nail art I used the following image as inspiration:

To me this image represents a meteor shower.
Here is my step-by-step:

Start with a black base color

Use a striper brush and white polish to make some stripes.
Starting at the cuticle and of different lengths.

Use a dottingtool or your striper brush to make a (tear)drop at the end of each stripe.

Use the striper brush and different colors of polish to color your meteor shower in.

Add a dot of lighter shade in the middle of the (tear)drops.
I used the same colors as for the meteor shower, only this time I added some white polish to it.

Add some glitter!!!
With striper brush or on the entire nail.
If you're happy with the result...topcoat it!

I wasn't really happy...yet.
I chose to make the stripes less wide by using my striper brush and the black.
Then I finished with topcoat.


  1. Very interesting! I think you made a good choice in narrowing them. Sure looks more much better than before! Love the look! I think it's great for partying! :D

    1. Yes. The narrowing made it much better for sure!
      And well, there is a little party going on at my nails ;D