Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 180) Nail art holo rose see through

After a very nice flight we've landed safely at Lisbon Airport.
We are staying at my parents place in Batalha.

We left The Netherlands with rain, wind and cold and now we are at a very sunny and hot Portugal.
Quite a change I think...but for the better of course ;D

At the last moment I changed my mind (about not taking any nail polish with me) and rapidly threw two holo's in my suitcase.

So, that's what you're getting today!

Step 1:
After the basecoat I applied a glitter holo (about 4 coats):
Kleancolor Nail Lacquer - 234 Chunky Holo Purple
Step 2:
Essie - Good to go
Step 3:
With a striper brush and silver holo I made accents on the nails:
KOH Colours! - Platinum Silver! 133

On 4 nails I did a kind of diagonal French manicure with tiger stripes.
On the ring finger I did an accent nail with a rose see through.

That's it for today. Hopefully I can get some nail polish tomorrow!


  1. j'aime <3
    ce n'est pas évident de trouver une aussi belle déco avec un vernis holo ;) c'est très réussit ^^