Saturday, June 1, 2013


Give-away nail art remake (finished)

What's there to win:
Nail art giveaway on

What's there:
  • Fabric bows
  • 4 Nail piercings+naildrill
  • Colored rhinestones in different shapes
  • Rhinestones in different shapes en sizes
  • Gold chain, golden studs and silver+golden inlays
  • Fimo flowers
  • Fimo cakepiece+fimo flipflop
  • Laser strands (multicolor)
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base- & topcoat
  • 6 different colours velvet
  • Nail art brush+dottingtool+magnetic pen
  • Essence nail colour 3-ticket to the show (nail polish)
  • Essence Vintage District topcoat gel look
  • Miss Sporty Disco tech topcoat (Lights up in blacklight)
  • 1x Nail stickers
  • 10 Tips for practicing
  • Nail art wheel with glitter/flitter and spangles
  • Nail art wheel with 12 different colours beads/billions/caviar
  • Stamping set
  • Make-up sponge
For a chance to win you'll have to do something:
  1. Remake a nail art that I've done.
  2. Take a picture of this remake and send the picture to the following e-mail address: including your full name, address and country
Extra info:
  • You don't have to be an artist to enter. It's not the result that counts but the effort you've put in it. I want this giveaway to go to a nail art lover.
  • You can find all my nail arts by picture here or at my Dutch blog
  • Interested in how I made a nail art? Just go to my Dutch blog and look for the corresponding blog post and see if there's a how-to
  • The more the merrier'. If there are a lot of people participating I will consider to give more prices

When will this giveaway end:
You can send your picture until the 31st of May; on the 1st of June I want to announce the winner(s)

Margriet xxx

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