Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 173) Colored stamping

Not new, nor mine.
But sometimes you see things that you just have to try for yourself and share if it works.
Before I discovered Konad stamping I really hated stamping.
I only had low-budget stamping stuff and it was already difficult to get the design good on the stamp. What a frustration!
With Konad I discovered it was easy and fun and there are beautiful designs which are almost impossible to do by hand (especially the ones that fully cover the nail).
I still have trouble stamping bigger designs (my nails are quite round) and also using my left hand is sometimes a real challenge.
Today's nail art comes in really handy for those disadvantages.

So, let's get to it!

Step 1: Preparation

-Paper on which you draw some rectangles (bigger than nail size)
-Zipper bag

Take the scissors and cut your zipper bag.
End up with two rectangular pieces of plastic.

Place a piece of plastic on top of your paper.
Hold it with tape and make sure the plastic is pulled.

Step 2: Topcoat

Topcoat used: Seche Vite

Apply topcoat (fill in the rectangular shapes).

I found these rectangular shapes very handy because it is hard to see where you've put the topcoat.

Let it dry for a bit.

Step 3: Stamping

Used material:
-Mash stamping polish (black)
-Konad stamping polish (white)
-Konad scraper
-Essence stamp
-Image plates:
 *Konad (promotion)

Choose your desired design and make sure you got it right on the stamp.

Stamp on your topcoated rectangular shape.

Repeat for the other topcoated rectangular shapes.

Step 4: Coloring

Use a nail art brush and different colors of nail polish to color your designs.

Step 5: Application

Carefully remove the topcoat with your design from the plastic.

Apply a base-/topcoat or any desired nail polish onto your nails.
Use this as glue for your topcoated designs.
Place your topcoated design on your nail and gently push and smooth it on the surface.
Apply another coat of topcoat and remove excess. You can also use a cotton tip with some remover.

And here is my final look (done with my lefty):


  1. Love this!!!!! Im justgoing to feature this post on my blog.