Saturday, June 1, 2013

And the winner is....

Are you excited to know who the winner is of my nail art remake give-away??

Here is a collage of some of the entries and the announcing of the winner:

Congratulations Setu Rohini. You will receive this give-away as soon as possible!

For the others...Thank you so much for participating!
I've seen great work!
Some people made an exact copy, others used my nail arts as an inspiration for their own.
But they all did it with love and that's why I know this give-away is going to be in good hands.
There will be more prices, so keep tuned and follow me for more.


  1. Oh My god, I am so so so so happy. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. I did put my heart and soul in it.
    Thanks Again :P

    1. You're so welcome!
      I'm sure you will do great things with it!

    2. Thanks. I have mailed you my postal address. pls confirm when you recieve them.

    3. I received your address and this morning I brought it to the post office. I will send you the track and trace by email later on.

  2. Ohh Great! I am counting days now:P . Let me know details once you have them :)