Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 162) Mash stamping plate and stamping polish

Today my package arrived from PrettyPolish, including two Mash stamping plates and Mash black stamping nail polish.
I have to be honest, before I ran into these at the PrettyPolish webshop I didn't even know about this brand.
Konad is pretty expensive and Mash is affordable, so I thought I'll give it a try.

This is one of stamping plates I am going to show you today:

Mash stamping plate - nr. 10

And this is what the stamping nail polish looks like:

Mash stamping nail polish - Black

Now for the nail art.
After the basecoat I applied a pink nail polish:

Maybelline Color Show - 262 Pink Boom

Then I used tape to leave a free spot of nail in the middle (horizontal). This is where the stamping will be happening.
Apply some stamping polish on the desired pattern of the plate (picture one). Then use the scraper to remove excess polish (picture 2):

Press the stamper firmly on the stamping plate and check the stamper to see if the design has transferred well:
Gently roll the stamper across your nail:

For the ring finger I did an accent nail with all 4 designs on the stamping plate. This is the step-by-step (in pictures):

On the last quarter I did the last design of 4.

I took a good look at my nail art design and found it a bit dull. I added some silver glitter to give it the Wow-factor and it also gave me the opportunity to cover up some little imperfect stamping ;-D

I have to say I'm already a fan of Mash! They are a very good alternative to Konad stamping and at a better price!

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