Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 156) Nail art blue stripes (abstract)

Today's nail art is a custom one.
It's for a drug store called Etos.
Besides the make-up from the more commercial brands (Like L' Oréal, Bourjois, Rimmel, Max Factor), they also sell their house brand.
Etos also has a company slogan which is: Etos blue fits you!
And of course their colour is blue.

For today's nail art I used 4 nail polishes from their house brand and made a design which looks a little like a barcode.


- Dark blue nail polish (metallic); Etos Quick dry nail polish
- Jeans blue nail polish; Etos Long lasting nail polish
- Light blue nail polish; Etos Quick dry nail polish
- Blue glitter topcoat; Etos TOP coat
- White nail polish; Only you
- Striper brush
- Striping tape
- Scissors
- (Regular tape)

Step 1:
After the basecoat paint your nails white.
Step 2:
Use the regular tape or striping tape to tape off the sides of your nails. Leaving a stripe in the middle.
Step 3:
Use the striping tape to divide the middle (vertical) stripe into (horizontal) stripes. Vary the space between the striping tape.
Step 4:
Use the striper brush to colour in the stripes. For the bigger spaces I used the dark blue, for the middle I used the jeans colour and foor the smallest I used the light blue.
Step 5:
Remove the (striping) tape
Step 6:
On the ring finger I did an accent using the glitter topcoat. I kept the middle stripe smaller on this nail. Then I used the striping tape again, but to leave space on the sides of the nail. On the sides I applied the glitter topcoat
Step 7:
Apply topcoat. Done!
Applying the striping tape is the most time consuming. I would suggest to do this striping design only as an accent nail.
How about it?
Does Etos blue fit you?!


  1. This is wonderful-I love abstracts and this one is a topper! As it is in blue just makes it better.

  2. Your barcode images on fingernails are really creative, good work.