Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 152) Colorful tips

Today I have a nice step-by-step for you.

Step 1:
After the basecoat paint your nails in a white colour. Let it dry completely, a topcoat will speed up the process.
Essence floral Grunge nail polish (The Pearl) - 02 Lily Bloom

Step 2:
Take a striper brush and black nail polish and make a curved line (from right top down to the left where your natural tip starts).

Step 3:
Divide the tip by using striping tape.

Step 4:
I chose to do an ombre (light to dark) on the free spaces of the tip. I used different nail polishes for each stripe but of course you could just as well use a dark colour and white nail polish and mix these yourself to a kind of ombre (different shades of one colour).

Step 5:
Remove the striping tape.

Step 6:
Fix imperfections (I had to repaint my black line) and topcoat it.

For each tip I used a different colour (love colours!)

Have fun with it!