Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sugar spun nails created with Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh

When I saw this limited edition by Catrice I knew I just had to have it ;D

From left to right:
- C01 The Peach Boys
- C02 Make Fast At Tiffany's
- C03 Evergreen 60s
- C04 Another Pink Panther
- C05 Light Your Fire
Today was a rainy day so I will provide the swatches later.
The colors are perfect for Spring/Easter. Lovely pastels and a bright pink.
All the lacquers have a pearly shimmer which makes them even more sweet.
Colorwise this is a very beautiful limited edition.
However I didn't like the consistency of these polishes.
They are creamy (as you would expect from the name "Crème Fresh") but they are so thick that I had trouble to apply an even coat.
Although the polishes got gluey/sticky very fast, drying time was quite long.
Most of the polishes required two thin coats to be opaque and I find it very annoying to not being able to apply the next coat because the previous isn't dry yet.
Perhaps a fast drying topcoat will be the key to this problem...I'll let you know.
Many ideas for these gorgeous colors but after removing the polish/nail art several times because of bumps, air bubbles and soft/mushy drying I was done with it!
Really...I'm a huge fan of Catrice polishes but this edition was going to see the trashcan!
And then I thought these would make just perfect lacquers for a sugar spun nail art.
Sticky within minutes ;D
And so it be...
Here are my sugar spun nails:


  1. I happy you are back! wonderful design :)

  2. wonderful ! love them all ! cant wait to see some swathes !lovely pastel tones ! yellow could be interesting ,green ,peach , i mean all , and pink and PINK PANTER ! i am glad you are back !kisses !

    1. Thanks dear! I just hope I'm not getting too annoyed by making swatches hahaha

  3. I love that technique! Sugar spun nails are always so impressive:)

    1. Sugar spun nails are so time consuming but the finished looks are awesome.
      Thank you!

  4. That looks really neat-but some of it looks really thick. Does it take a long time to dry? Catrice is one of the brands that I see in our online import shops, but I never have gotten any.

    1. Yes, it takes some time to dry. It's already quite dry when you apply it but still it needs some time to completely harden.

  5. Hahahahhaha!!! Omgosh, "sticky within minutes" totally made laugh so hard hahahaha!! Such familiar frustrations with nail polishes. Feels like a brand new polish gone gooey eh? Have you tried using thinners to thin them out?

    But as you said, pretty colours (do love your sugar spun mani! and the colours goes sooo well together!) and tacky formulas just don't work together. =/

    1. I have thinner but I refuse to use it on a new polish hehehe.
      Polish should be smooth and I only want to add thinner when I'm reaching the bottom of the bottle :D
      Thanks ♥