Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anti Valentine nail art

I have one of those hubby's that needs hints when I want him to be romantic, buy me a present etc.
I think Valentine's Day was invented for men like him.
It's like one big hint!
They really can't miss the hearts, the advertisements, the decorations in stores and so on.
Thumbs up right?
NO! My hubby just thinks it's one big media circus and doesn't want to be forced to be romantic...
I couldn't agree more with him but sadly this also means that it's just another day without romance.

In conclusion: I think I'm anti Valentine's Day.
So when I saw this week's challenge on NPQ which is "anti-Valentine" I couldn't resist participating in this one.

Let's start with a swatch of a beautiful holo polish by Layla
Layla Hologram Effect nail polish 07 Ocean Rush

So pretty!
I used 3 coats to make it perfectly opaque.
And here is my anti-Valentine nail art

Killing hearts.
Killed Cupid.
Anti Valentine sign.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's kinda weird making anti Valentine nails :D

  2. i have never seen before anti valentine nails! you make my day better ! this holo polish again blinks in my eyes ! stop to doing that ..ha ha ha it is bad polish and when you spent a half ,keep if for me :-) ok ? (joke )
    i remember what you say ,that you will post weekly,saturday or sunday
    and must tell you with you the week,7 days went so quickly,
    i mean i didnt know that your week last 1 babe we will spent 2014 till may ! i am glad about that !!!!!! so see you next week , pardon i mean,tomorrow or day after! that is our calendar .many many kisses !

    1. Hehehe.
      Can't get enough of it and so many new polishes just waiting to be swatched. I know for sure I have time in the weekends but this week I'm making myself happy with more posts.
      See yah lovely...maybe tomorrow ;D

    2. :-) thanks ,hope you are not mad about was just joke ,please !love to see your posts :swatches and nail art too ! you have always beautiful nail polish,and nice idea ,thank make me happy to see !i told to my self 1 post daily,but when i grab free time i post a few ! :-)
      see you tomorrow dear !

  3. my hubby is same, but i m not anti. I love to love and doing a full week of v day mani hahha............but i love your cute hearts

    1. I love making Valentine nails and I do love love and romance but this could be on any day ;D
      The anti Valentine nails were fun to make.
      Thank you!

  4. What a nice color! And what a great discovery -Anti Valentine Day! hahaha
    Your hearts are running..Really cool

    1. When I was looking for inspiration on the Net I found even anti Valentine parties, cards, clothes!
      I didn't even know it really existed.
      Thanks :D

  5. Haha! I like it!!

  6. Hahahaha!! Oh the poor hearts! XD I love your humour in this. Loving the base colour by the way, such gorgeous blue holo :3

    1. The holo is truly gorgeous! was fun making these